Pro Cone Squirrel Removal

Remove Bats Humanely with Batcone!

Now you can have exceptional bat removal/exclusion with Batcone and Pro-cone for your home and/or business. Their unique and diverse shapes with optional flanges, will make them adaptable to any surface or application.

The Batcone and the new generation of Pro-cone Multi-Use Professional Wildlife Excluders (Pro-cone Corner, Pro-cone Round and Pro-cone Square), are designed to remove/exclude multiple species from residential and commercial structures, including bats, sparrows, starlings, red squirrels, flying squirrels, rats and, mice. Our multi-purpose bat traps and rodent traps will help safely remove bats and other rodents humanely.

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Bats Fly Out and STAY OUT!

How does it work? Based on gravity and bio mechanics of the bat itself. When the Batcone or Pro-cone is positioned properly in a downward angle, its impossible for the bats to re-enter the cone due to the hard plastic surface, because they have nothing to "grab" onto. Typically, they must land, grab and then crawl to re-enter a roost. Batone and Pro-cone can be easily installed using a variety of materials depending on location and surface. (see installation video)

Developed and Field Tested

Jim Dreisacker has been in business for over 3 decades removing/excluding wildlife of all sorts. His observations of bats, flying squirrels, red squirrels, sparrows, starlings, rats and mice led to the invention of the Batcone and Pro-cone. Both were tested and proven over a six year period and are now available to you.