Bat Removal Services

Winter is fast approaching and that means that the outdoor wildlife will be searching for warmer shelter and that also means that bat removal services are even more important now. When bats find a warm shelter, such as the eves of an attic in the home, they become more difficult to remove once the winter snows arrive. It is during these months in which the hibernate.

There is more than one way to remove bats from the home

When people tend to think of wildlife removal, they may initially think of extermination. While this may be the case for many creatures, for bats, live removal is the most ideal situation. One of the main reasons for this is because of their importance to combating insects that can carry diseases, such as mosquitoes. It is also important that bat removal services do so in a humane way because, currently, millions of bats are dying and there is no known reason at the moment; their numbers are rapidly depleting.

Exclusion is one of the most effective and humane bat removal services available. While there are many different companies that specialize in bat removal services, there is a great deal more that should be involved in bat removal than simply excluding them from the home.

When you need quality bat removal services, count on Westchester Wildlife. Experience matters.

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